Bassion Clearance Sale - Bassion Exfoliating Loofah Strap Belt, Loofah Back and Body Scrubber for Shower, 100% Natural High Quality Loofah - Satisfaction Guarantee

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* Condition: 100% brand new.
* Color: white.
* Exfoliating back scrubber measures 30×4 inches and loofah sponge pad 4×6 inches.
* Material: 100% natural high quality loofah.
* The secret to having the smoothest, most beautiful skin is Bassion exfoliating loofah back scrubber and natural luffa pad, aestheticians and dermatologists recommend regular exfoliation to keep skin in the best of health, removing dead skin with the help of a loofah keeps the tissue renewed by revealing fresher tissue and helps you have the softest, smoothest and supplest skin possible from head to toe.
* Natural loofah sponge combined with bamboo fiber,natural materials, fine texture.
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